JModelica 1.14 released

The team is pleased to announce that 1.14 has been released and is available for download. Some of the main highlights of this release are:

  • Almost all models in the Modelica Standard Library pass error check. Exceptions are models in Modelica.Fluid and those using the operator delay() or function pointers.
  • FMI export supporting FMI 2.0RC2
  • FMI import supporting FMI 2.0RC2 with the Python package PyFMI
  • Various improvements and extensions to the CasADi-based optimization toolchain

See the Release Notes and Compliance reports (check and simulate) for more details.

A binary installer is also available for Windows at the download page.

Co-simulation export with FMU state access


I would like to have the possibility to export a Co-simulation FMU from JModelica, where the FMU has access to state variables. This is possible in the Model Exchange FMI export, obviously. Access to state variables should now also be possible in Co-simulation FMI-export according to the FMI 2.0 standard, by using the SetFMUstate and GetFMUstate functions, if I have understood the documentation correctly.

However, in the FMI 2.0 standard, accessing the GetFMUstate and SetFMUState functions has been made optional, using the canGetAndSetFMUState-flag. In JModelica 1.14 exports, with FMI 2.0RC2, this flag is set to FALSE, which is the default setting. This disables the access to state variables.

Do you have plans in the near future to support the GetFMUstate and SetFMUstate functions in Co-simulation FMI exports from JModelica?