FMI compliance in

The first version of the Functional Mockup Interface (FMI) standard was recently released. FMI marks a great step forward for tool interoperability by specifying a format for exchange of compiled dynamic models, and is already supported by several tools. now supports export of model meta data in XML format according to the FMI standard. This feature will be included in the upcoming 1.2 release.

Webcast of seminar about

In a recent LUCAS breakfast seminar, Johan Åkesson gave an overview of Modelica, Optimica and the platform. Watch a webcast from the presentation at

Windows binary installer for 1.1b1 available

See the download section.

New release 1.2 of Windows SDK

Version 1.2 of the Windows SDK is released with the following major changes:

  • Update to Python 2.6
  • Added docbook
  • Added convenience script for configure
  • Added autoconf, autogen, automake
  • Several minor improvements and bugfixes

The SDK bundles all required tools and provides convenient procedures for building and running from sources. See <>.

Modelon AB receives grant from Vinnova

Modelon AB has received a grant from the Swedish funding agency Vinnova for a project targeting development of model and optimization-based control systems for post combustion CO2 separation systems, see press release. The project builds on the platform and starts in January of 2010.

Installer with binary distribution for Windows available

A Windows installer with a binary distribution of has been released and is available in the Download section. The installer bundles software components used by and automatically sets up and configures the user environment. The binary installer makes easily accessible for end-users running on Windows platforms.

Software Development Kit for Windows released

A Software Development Kit (SDK) has been released to simplify the process of setting up a development environment on Windows platforms. The SDK bundles all required tools and provides convenient procedures for building and running from sources. See <>. tutorial at the Modelica Conference 2009

A tutorial will be given on Sunday September 20th at the Modelica Conference 2009, held in Como, Italy. The tutorial will introduce the platform as well as provide an overview of how to solve hands on optimization problems. Strengths and limitations of current optimization algorithms will be highlighted and illustrated by examples. For more information, see the conference home page.

1.0-Alpha1 released

Today, 1.0-Alpha1 was released. The last months have been very exciting and we have made great progress with the development of the platform. All parts of the tool chain is now up and running, including code generation from Modelica/Optimica to C and XML, a simultaneous dynamic optimization algorithm, and a Python integration. Also, the upcoming Eclipse plugin is coming along very well. 

Optimica in the pendulum lab

PhD student Pontus Giselsson at Department of Automatic Control, Lund University, has used Optimica to develop a time-optimal control scheme for an inverted pendulum The optimal control profiles were applied to a pendulum process in the lab - the YouTube video shows the result.

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